Sandy Rabinowitz, owner

Sandy Rabinowitz, Owner
Witzend Workshop, LLC

The Waxmelter PaletteBatik Pen, Little Dipper and Squeeze Pen offer a safe way to make batiks and encaustic paintings. These tools help artists expand ways to work with melted wax.

Harold and Kiki Rabinowitz, both professional artists and art teachers, designed these tools for batik and encaustic artwork. While teaching they realized how much students enjoyed working with melted wax and crayons. Broken small bits of crayon are a natural bi-product of many art projects. Every classroom usually has a big box filled with them. Unfortunately the crayon bits are too small to handle or use easily. Harold and Kiki were always looking for inexpensive and recycled materials they could use in the classroom and thus the idea of the ‘waxmelter’ was conceived. They invented a safe tool to utilize crayon bits and paraffin. The waxmelting tools they created allowed artists of all ages to expand ways they could use melted wax for encaustic art, batik and other crafts using melted wax. The tools utilize material headed for the trash bin and offer the artist a way of working that is controlled, safer, and reliable.

The Waxmelter Palette and Batik Pen heat just high enough to melt wax but not high enough to burn it.
No heat control unit is required! The Little Dipper and Squeeze Pen are used to apply wax and are designed to work with the Waxmelter Palette. Our tools are popular among art teachers, students and professional encaustic artists.

Sandy Rabinowitz inherited this business from her parents. She continues to promote their inventions and to make these waxmelting tools available to artists and crafters world wide.

Witzend Workshop, LLC also sells Twisteezwire® colorful craft and sculpture wire.
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