Little Dipper

Little Dipper waxmelting tool

The Little Dipper is great for drawing fine, continuous lines. It works best on smooth surfaces like paper, cloth, cardboard, or stretched canvas.

  • Excellent companion tool with the Waxmelter Palette.
  • Heat and scoop up melted wax in the Little Dipper from Waxmelter Palette cups.
    A little bit of wax goes a long way!
  • Can also be used for Pysanky – Ukranian Easter Egg dyeing.
  • Can also be used with water based paints. Clean completely between different mediums.
  • T-Pin valves included. Helps prevent unwanted drips.
Little Dipper with Waxmelter Palette

Keep the Little Dipper warm in the cups of the Waxmelter Palette. Scoop up melted wax as needed. The Tpin keeps the wax from dripping out when lifted.

Video: How to use the Little Dipper to draw with melted wax using our Waxmelter Palette.

Video: See how to use the Little Dipper to decorate Easter Eggs.

I love using the Little Dipper. It’s a great little tool that allows me to create expressive lines with wax and switch colors easily. I keep it handy when I’m doing my encaustic work. Wonderful addition to my studio!
Nica R.
Encaustic artist

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