Squeeze Pen

Squeeze Pen used with Waxmelter Palette

Excellent companion tool with the Waxmelter Palette.The Squeeze Pen is a simple suction-type dispenser for painting and drawing with melted wax.

  • Controlled thin-to-thick line
  • 1 Squeeze Pen is included with the Waxmelter Palette
  • Keep wax warm in Squeeze Pen by resting in heated cups on Waxmelter Palette.
  • Also works with water based paints like tempera or acrylic.
  • For ages 8 and over.

Package of 10 available in our Online Store.


Squeeze Pen with package

Video demonstration of Squeeze Pen

The Squeeze Pen is perfect for teaching batik in the classroom. I ordered two 10-packs so I had enough Squeeze Pens for all my students. It’s such a simple way to apply melted wax and so much fun!
Art teacher, CT school system


Types of waxes

Paraffin, candle wax, crayons, soy wax and beeswax can be used with the Batik Pen and Waxmelter Palette.

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