Waxmelter Palette

• Electrically heated aluminum palette with ten cups.
• Maintains even heat for melting crayons, paraffin, beeswax, soy wax.
• Used for wax resist painting, batik, encaustic, pysanki egg painting, candle decoration.
• Excellent tool for recycling small pieces of leftover crayons.
• Packed in storage box with instructions.
• One Squeeze Pen® included.

Note: The Waxmelter Palette takes 50 minutes to heat fully and melt all wax in cups. Once heated it maintains an even temperature hot enough to melt wax but will not burn it. NO TEMPERATURE REGULATOR IS NEEDED!
Warning: This electrically heated tool is not intended for children under the age of 15. Adult supervision is required at all times.

Easter Eggs
Pysanki Eggs

The Waxmelter Palette can be used to create Pysanki style Easter Eggs.

Use the Waxmelter Palette in combination with the Squeeze Pen or Little Dipper.

Create designs by drawing on eggs with clear or colored melted wax. Dip eggs in dye bath and the wax will resist dye. Keep wax on the egg shell or remove.

View our How To video: Little Dipper


A well loved Waxmelter Palette

“I love the Waxmelter Palette. The low, even melting temperature allows me to work at a comfortable pace. The ten separate cups let me melt a variety of colors at the same time and I can use one Squeeze Pen for each color. I really enjoy using up leftover pieces of crayons; they melt so easily in the cups.”

Rebecca, batik artist

The Waxmelter Palette uses paraffin, candle wax, crayons, soy wax and bees wax.

Video demos

How to use the Waxmelter Palette to melt crayons and use the Squeeze Pen.

How to batik a T-shirt using the Waxmelter Palette and Squeeze Pen

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